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Greig Tor Guthey

Greig Tor Guthey

Associate Professor of Public Policy and Planning, Program Director - Environmental Studies Program, Geography Coordinator, Global Studies Affiliate

Greig Tor Guthey

Welcome to my page!


  • Ph.D., UC Berkeley, 2004
  • M.A., University of Georgia, 1997
  • B.A., Saint Olaf College, 1990



Economic geography, environment and planning, sustainable economies, agriculture, food, wine, and complexity. 
I am interested in the problem of sustainability from a regional, industry and community perspective. On one level, I research how industries are structured. For example, my wine research explores the extent to which we can talk of a cohesive industrial region when we talk about the wine industry in Napa and Sonoma counties, while my dairy research has looked into how the preservation of industry through environmental intiatives has generated innovations in products and farming practices.
On a second level, my research looks at how learning and skill development occur within regions. I ask questions like what kind of learning processes enable vineyard managers and winemakers to become and remain innovative and successful in their chosen fields and how might the place-based practices or conventions of industry shape the types of learning that are possible?  My article about agro-industrial conventions in the Geographical Journal touches on this theme.
On a third level, my work looks at community engagement specifically around environmental issues. Here I am interested in how entrepreneurs, industries, companies, and communities respond to and engage with environmental goals and values. How do community concerns, ideals and activism become incorporated into planning and industry practices?  Is the region part of this process? If so, how might community engagement figure into innovation and regional learning within industries?  And how might multiple stakeholders engage in a process of increasing sustainable development within specific places.
Topical interests within the three above areas include the wine, dairy, poultry and the broader food industries, particularly those actors interested in local and other forms of alternative food production. 
For the past several years, I have been working on a community garden on the CSUSM campus -- dubbed "The Food Project". The purpose of the Sustainable Food Project is to experiment with experiential learning on a largely commuter campus and to see if a combination of students, community partners and faculty can sustain production of food in ways similar to ongoing projects on more residential campuses. The project relates directly to my work on alternative food economies and on integrating organizations and place where we are working through the complexities of connecting stakeholders to the local ecology in support of sustainability. And, I continue work comparing sustainability in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand and the Northern Califorina wine industry.


  • World Regional Geography
  • Food Worlds
  • Nature and Society in California
  • Globalization and Trade
  • Food Systems and Emerging Markets



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california cuisine and just food

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