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Cesar "Ché" Rodriguez, Ph. D.

Cesar "Ché" Rodriguez, Ph. D.

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Office: SBSB 4204

Cesar "Ché" Rodriguez, Ph. D.

César Rodríguez is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at California State University, San Marcos. Originally from Daly City and South San Francisco, he has studied globalization through political economy, mass incarceration through history and geography, and culture through the disciplines of Chicana/o Studies and Black Studies. Generally, his work focuses on race, class & hegemony. In particular, he examines two prominent racial regimes in the US - the prison, and the border - as well as whiteness as a form of authoritarian populism.

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Cesar Rodriguez’ education began with his family, where he learned to pursue his education as a form of self-defense from his mother, as well as to practice reflexive & reflective criticism from his father. Like most Chicanas & Chicanos who earn their PhDs, his career in higher education began at a community college - the College of San Mateo & Skyline College.

  • Associate of Arts in Social Science, College of San Mateo, May 2002 (High Honors)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, University of California, Berkeley, May2005 (Honors)
  • Master of Arts in Sociology, University of California, Santa Barbara, December 2010
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology, UC Santa Barbara, Sept. 2014


Cesar Rodriguez’ research focuses on the San Francisco Bay Area., where he studied immigration, the link between struggling schools and the incarceration of youth of color - which is also known as the “school to prison pipeline” (STPP) - as well as the Oscar Grant "moment" of insurgency in Oakland, circa 2009 – a moment of popular struggle in contestation of police murder and, more broadly, the neoliberal, revanchist city.


Lower Division

  • Introduction to Justice Studies

Upper Division

  • Perspectives on Corrections and Penology
  • Immigration and Justice in the United States

Advanced Seminars

  • Whiteness
  • The Criminalization of Youth
  • The School to Prison Pipeline


“Gangs and Community Empowerment: How Critical Literature and Street Credentials Impact Urban Street Activists’ Ability to Access Rival Gangs as Social Capital,” The Berkeley McNair Research Journal, Vol. 13 (2005)

Rodriguez, Cesar and Jeb Sprague. “Dual Crises of Globalization: Arizona and the Gulf of Mexico,” Z Magazine, Vol. 23, No. 7 (2010).

Rodriguez, Cesar, Christian Jaimes and Victor M. Rios. “Santa Barbara Youth and Violence: A Report on the Social Epidemic of Violence that Youth Face,” A Report Produced for the Santa Barbara Community Summit Campaign on Youth Violence (2011).

Rios, Victor M. and Cesar Rodriguez. “Incarcerable Subjects: Working-Class Black and Latino Male Youth in Two California Cities” in The Trouble with Young Men: Predicaments in Coming of Age (2012), edited by Verit Amit & Noel Dyck; New York: Berghahn Books