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Dr. Ahmad R. Hadaegh

Dr. Ahmad R. Hadaegh

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Dr. Ahmad R. Hadaegh

I am originally from Iran, a beautiful land with 2500 years of civilization. I was born in Shiraz, a city with well- known poets, several magnificent historical sites. and wonderful weather with gorgeous four seasons. I will never forget the smell of Blossom in spring of Shiraz.

Shiraz City

In 1983, I left Iran to Canada, a huge country with kind and  peaceful people. I traveled around different places in this country from Toronto and Niagara falls in east to Banff and Jasper in central region and finally Vancouver and Victoria British Colombia in west.

Niagra Falls

In 1985, I started my undergraduate degree at  University of Lethbridge in Alberta. I obtained my Bachelor of Art and Science in Computer Science and Economics from the University of Lethbridge. Then I moved to Winnipeg in 1989 to do my Master degree and PhD at University of Manitoba. I graduated with PhD degree in Computer Science from University of Manitoba in 1997.

In July 1997, I was hired by Nortel Telecom in Winnipeg as Software Engineer. My task was to develop software that could configure wireless systems. Unfortunately, Nortel could not resist well in Winnipeg and officials decided to move the employees to Ottawa and close the site in Winnipeg. So I decided to leave Nortel and obtained another job in Winnipeg.

In August 1999, two years after working in company, I joined Red River College in Winnipeg as an instructor. I had wonderful time working with very nice and knowledgeable people at Red River College. I would recommend everyone who likes to teach in a college to apply for a job at Red River College.

Although, there was many things great about Winnipeg, Winnipeg was known as the coldest city in Canada. Further, my wife graduated from the university and job opportunity in Winnipeg was limited. So, we decided to leave Winnipeg and applied for universities  in North America. Winter 2002 was the last winter in Winnipeg we went through.

In August 2002, I moved to US and resided in San Marcos, California. I enjoy doing teaching and research specially in the field of Bioinformatics at California State University San Marcos. You may always browse through my web page to see my research interests. It is my pleasure to work with scientist in different part of the world and share my knowledge with them.

For more information please visit my public site.



The QandC Training


  • Gene prediction: Creating Database to analyze the gene information in  Coccolithophorids
    • The broad long term objective of our bioinformatics project is to determine the genetic and biochemical mechanisms involved in the synthesis and assembly of the calcium carbonate liths that form the exquisite cell coverings characteristic of marine Coccolithophorids.
  • Research on HIV-Protease


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Recent Refereed Journal Publications

  1. Hadaegh A. R., and Barker K., Enhancing Concurrency Using Multi-versioned Object, (Submitted to Iranian Journal of Science & Technology Journal in February 2005 – Still under review)
  2. Hadaegh A. R., and Barker K., Reconciling Instead of Aborting Unsuccessful Transactions in Multi-version Object-bases, Iranian Journal of Science & Technology Journal, ISSN: 0363-1307 (Accepted in August 2005 – Publication is forthcoming).
  3. Wahlund Thomas M., Hadaegh Ahmad R., Clark Robin, Nguyen Binh, Fanelli Michael, and Read Betsy A. Analysis of Expressed Sequence Tags from Calcifying Cells of the Marine Coccolithophorid, Emiliania huxleyi. Journal of Marine Biotechnology, 6 (3), pp 278-290, May 13, 2004, ISSN: 1436-2228

Recent Refereed Conference Publications

  1. Wang J., and Hadaegh A. R. Recovering the Reconciled Objects. Proceedings of International Advanced Database Conference (IADC 2005), San Diego, California, USA,  pp 49-58, June 27-30, 2005, ISBN:0-9742448-4-8
  2. Perez B., and Hadaegh A. R., Building a Reliable Multiversion object-based system, In Proceeding of Hawaii International Conference on Computer Science (HICCS'04), Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, pp 416-421, Jan 2004, (ISSN: 1545-6722)
  3. Rosenthal J, Hadaegh A. R., and Yoshii R.  Conversion of the Computer Aided Instruction to Use Database Connectivity, International Conference of Computer Science and its Applications (ICCSA-2004), San Diego, California, USA, pp 125-134, June 2004, ISBN:0-9742448-1-3
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Extended Refereed Abstract (2 to 3 pages)

  1. Ebert M., Hadaegh A. R., Read B. A., and Wahlund T., Prediction of the Genes in Unicellular Algae Emiliania Huxleyi, International Conference of Computer Science and its Applications (ICCSA-2003), San Diego, California, USA, pp 320-322, July 2003, ISBN:0-9742-4480-5.

Refereed Poster (1 to 2 paragraphs)

  1. Hadaegh, A.R, Ranji, Stairs J, Sun, D.   and Wahlund T and Read B. , CoccoExpress: A Comprehensive Genetic Database for Coccolithophorids,  Conference for Annual Meeting for the Society for the Molecular Biology and Evolution: Genomes, Evolution, and Bioinformatics, (GEB2006) Tempe, AZ, USA, (Accepted in March 2006 - not published yet). 
  2. Wahlund T.,  Hadaegh A. R., Clark R., Fanelli M., and Read B. A.,  Characterization of Complementary DNAs from Expressed Sequence Tag Analysis of the Coccolithophorid Marine Alga, Emiliania Huxleyi, Meeting of the American Society of Microbiology (ASM), Washington, DC, USA,  pp 660, May 2003. Reviewed by the chair of the meeting (Dr. Dauglus Bishop) and the chair elect (Dr. Adam M. Bailis), ISSN: 10602011

Previous Publications

  1. Hadaegh A. R, and Ehikioya S., The Role of Reconciliation in Retrieving Historical Objects in a Multi-version Object-based System, Canadian Conference on  Electrical and  Computer Engineering (CCECE’ 02), Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, ISBN: 0-7803-7514-9; Vol. 3, pp. 1482-1486, August 2002.    
  2. Hadaegh A. R, and Ehikioya S., Using an Optimistic Protocol to Obtain Historical Information in a Multi-Version Object-based System,  The 6th World Multi-conference on Systemic, Cybernetics and Informatics (SCI-2002): Computer Science I, Orlando, Florida, USA, Vol 3, pp 325-329, July 14-18, 2002, ISBN: 980-07-8150-1      
  3. Hadaegh A. R and Barker K., Partial Re-execution: Reconciling Transactions to Increase Concurrency in Object-bases, International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications (PDPTA'99), Monte Carlo Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. ISBN: 1-892512-15-7, Vol 3 page 1469-1475 June 1999.      
  4. Hadaegh A. R., and Barker K., Simple Reconciliation of Transactions to Increase Concurrency in Historical Object-bases, XII Brazilian Symposium on Database Systems - SBBD’97, pp. 44-64, October 1997.    
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  7. Hadaegh A. R., Graham P.,  and Barker K., An Architecture and Model for Processing Transactions in Multi-version Object Base Systems, In the Proceedings of the Second Annual Mid-Continent Information Database Systems Conference, Database Research Group, Fargo ND, Volume 2, Fargo, USA, May, 1993, pp 99-112.

Current Work

Bioinformatics (Hadaegh A. R., Zhang X., Wahlund T.,  Read B.)

  • Developing an EST database for E. huxleyi that will serve as a repository for ongoing EST sequencing efforts and to facilitate the public dissemination of sequence information once it is deposited in GenBank
  • The development of a Microarray database for E. huxleyi to serve as a storage site for Microarray data from ongoing research and to facilitate the public dissemination of that data once published.
  • The design of an E. huxleyi whole genome oligonucleotide