Therese Baker-Degler, Ph.D.
Therese Baker-Degler, Ph.D.
Founding Faculty and Emeritus Professor of Sociology

Office: SBSB 4102
Phone: 760-750-4117
I was one of the founding faculty who came to San Marcos as a Professor of Sociology in 1989 to plan the new university. I designed and launched the Sociology program in the fall of 1990. 
Prior to coming to CSUSM, I worked briefly at Stanford University in administration, and before that I spent 18 years at DePaul Universityin Chicago where I chaired the Sociology Department for six years. 
My research interests have been in the sociology of education, particularly higher education, in which I have studied factors that enhance aspirations and attainments of students by gender and race. I also have authored a textbook on social research methods.

My work includes:

Baker-Degler, Therese. 1999. Doing Social Research, Third Edition, McGraw-Hill, 528 pp.

Baker-Degler, Therese and Barbara McCune. 1999. Instructor’s Manual to accompany Doing Social Research, 3/e.

Baker-Degler, Therese and Allen Risley. 1999. Workbook to accompany Doing Social Research , 3/e.

Baker, Therese. 1996. “Access and Opportunity in Post-Secondary Education: A Review” (with W. Velez). Sociology of Education: Special Issue 82-101.